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LIFT Workshops

LIFT connects executives to a culture in which engaged, happy employees want to win.  The open program format fosters interaction among people from different parts of your business. 

Introduction to Positive Organizing: Gain a better understanding of common principles found while studying positively deviant organizations and teams. The course is 2-3 days in length where you will:

  • Learn about examples of how the principles are successfully being applied in other organizations and begin to learn how to make the principles work in your organization’s unique environment.  
  • Receive your results to the Positive Practices assessment and create an action plan for increasing individual and team capacity.
  • Understand positive organizing concepts related to the assessment through using them on real situations you are currently facing.

Leading for Total Engagement (LfTE): Move beyond the theory of employee engagement and into practical application with tools and techniques that can be used straight away.  The workshop is 3.5 days in length with a 1 day follow up session 90 days later.  By the end of the first workshop you will:

  • Articulate the aspects of your culture that need to stay and/or change for the company to be successful in the future and know what the implications are for engaging employees
  • Identify your unique strengths and how to make sure you use them every day to benefit yourself as well as the business
  • Have clarity about your purpose and values and how to work with them to achieve exceptional business performance
  • Apply a leadership framework which allows you to perform at your best more of the time
  • Get ideas for how to engage more of your employees to work at higher levels of performance

We also customize workshops that take selected positive organizing tools and concepts based on the needs of your team or organization.  And we first help you determine those needs and your desired outcomes and goals through interviews and assessments.


Once executives have attended the workshops we assist you with an Organizational Roll Out, bringing critical learnings to large numbers of people in a powerful and cost minded way.

Contact us to schedule a workshop or discuss customizing a workshop in your organization.
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