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Leading With Lift
Moments of Impact

Moments of Impact

See the Lift Difference

Are you externally open? Learning from each other is an essential part of being human. One way we do that is through stories—listening to one another's and telling our own.

Please read the following stories from people who have applied the Lift Difference successfully.

Can you relate to these stories? What can the Lift Difference inspire in your life?

We think of Lift as a conversation. As you experiment with Lift, e-mail with your questions, feedback and successes. Your contribution to other people’s learning can make a lasting difference.

Knowing Who You Are, Know What You Have to Give
Self-assessments can be daunting, threatening, confronting, empowering, and even life-changing - all at the same time... Read more

Addressing Potential Layoffs with Integrity, Honesty, and Adaptability
Could your business weather an economic downturn resulting in a 5% employees surplus How would you avoid layoffs, quell fears, and increase productivity when those workers have "nothing to do"? Read more

Taking an Abundance Approach to Transform Bad Debt into Regular Payment
When one company abandoned debt collection for "debt assistance," customer payments rose along with loyalty. Employee job satisfaction and retention increased. And the bottom line improved. Read more

From Living to Work to Working and Living
Are you managing your business or is it managing you? Are you giving your employees the chance to contribute? The line between "caring too much" and needing to have total control can be very blurry for most leaders, including this business owner. Read more

Looking Beyond the Mess
It's easy to look at what's wrong with an employee, a team, or your business, especially in these troubled economic times. But by focusing on just one positive thing, you can completely turn around a situation, as one leader found out. Read more

Three Steps Forward By Taking A Step Back
Not taking "no" for an answer takes guts, but one manager found a positive way to reintroduce his idea. Did his approach work? Read more

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