The LIFT blog is owned and maintained by LIFT Consulting, and is devoted to introducing and discussing ideas related to the field of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS). LIFT Consulting bases its services and products upon POS research. POS is related to Positive Psychology, but focuses instead on Organizations and Organizing. Each of the words in the name, Positive Organizational Scholarship, is carefully chosen to describe what this research is about:

POSITIVE – POS research focuses explicitly on what is the best and most positive in organizations. It does not ignore or neglect what is normal or even dysfunctional, but it focuses on positive, exceptional, virtuous, and life-giving phenomena. We are open to the critical examination of “Positive for whom?” realizing that whether or not a phenomenon is positive depends upon who is judging. Our focus, however, tends to be on integrative solutions to this question, and the assertion that it is usually quality of the ongoing communicative processes that determine whether or not competing perceptions of the positive can be integrated.

ORGANIZATIONAL - Although POS often draws on literature from Positive Psychology, the focus of POS is not on individuals and individual psychology, but on organizations and organizing processes. We leave broader discussions of Psychology to those who write explicitly about Positive Psychology.

SCHOLARSHIP - We try to make sure that each entry on this blog refers in some way to scholarship–to the research being conducted by organizational scholars. We also try to incorporate real-life examples and current events, but to always ground these in research.