Take the Time to Learn about New Ideas

By Shawn Quinn

During the last two days I have shared stories of a leader who helped change the organization he was leading from losing a large sum of money into a $20 million profit.  During the change process many new approaches were tried and many of those approaches failed.  However, there were also many successes that were focused on and over time the organization learned its way toward success.

In the previous series of entries, Ryan spent a lot of time discussing the importance of being externally open.  One thing he talked about was considering and learning from a lot of new ideas and expanding our thinking around approaches we can take toward any given situation.  The leader we have been discussing came to speak at the University of Michigan’s business school through the Positive Links series created by the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship and funded by a former Steel Case executive named Paul Jones.

I encourage you to listen to Jim speak for just over an hour, sharing a number of success stories around applying Positive Leadership and organizing principles.  Few of us may think we have an hour to spare, but take a moment to recall one important lesson from Jim’s experience: Take the time to learn about new ideas.

After you click on the link look for the talk by James Mallozzi.  I hope you enjoy the talk as much as I did.