Tap into the extraordinary. And make it last.

What's the key to bringing about lasting organizational change? Clarity. About who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to achieve.

Lift Consulting brings just that kind of clarity to individuals and organizations through research-based workshops, programs, and coaching sessions. Our framework is based on the University of Michigan's pioneering work in the field of "positive leadership"—a field our team has helped to develop.

Let's start with what you're doing right. Our positive leadership approach draws out your strengths rather than focusing primarily on weaknesses. The result? A higher level of engagement, a deeper level of commitment, and an accelerated ability to implement change that endures.

Let's work from where you are. Your leadership style, your company culture, your place in the industry, and your particular challenges are yours alone. Our consultants draw from a consistent set of research-based concepts, principles, and tools that have proven to help clients achieve success.Our workshops, development programs, and coaching acknowledge your unique situation and help you create the best outcomes for your organization.

What's more, our consultants share a passion for positive leadership and are living the concepts they teach.

Let's get you where you're going. We share your desire to create and sustain a top-performing organization - building on past and present success and realizing your potential for more.

Know who you are. Know what you stand for. Know what you want to achieve. Then see your organization take flight. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you make it happen.